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April 2017 Issue

Medical Massage

Targeted Therapy for Specific Ills

 by Linda Sechrist

Specialty certificate programs representing advanced education and training within a modality qualified as therapeutic massage and bodywork are benefitting today's massage therapists and their clients. Often considered as requirements for specific populations such as seniors, athletes, infants and cancer patients and survivors, some outcome-based specialty modalities are referred to as "medical massage."

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Eco Yards​​

Turning Lawns into Na​tive Landscapes

by Lisa Kivirist and John D. Ivanko

"Traditional turf lawns are an ecological nightmare," says John Greenlee, author of The American Meadow Garden, who notes that most monoculture turf lawns never even get used.

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New Wave

Kids Organize to Save Our Oceans

by April Thompson

Earth's oceans shelter more than a million species, employ millions of people and feed billions more. Their complex ecosystems increasingly face critical challenges, including acidification, overfishing and pollution. Inspiring us all, youths nationwide are stepping up with bold, creative actions benefiting present and future generations to show us how we too, can do our part.

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Wild Places Give Our Soul Sanctuary​​

by Terry Tempest Williams

It was standing inside Timpanogos Cave (a national monument) as an eight-year-old child that marked me. Hiking to the entrance of the cave with our church group we were ushered in by a park ranger. Immediately, the cool air locked inside the mountain enveloped us and we wore it as loose clothing. Immense stalactites and stalagmites hung down from the ceiling and rose up from the floor, declaring themselves teeth. We were inside the gaping mouth of an animal and we were careful not to disturb the beast, traversing the cave on a narrow constructed walkway above the floor so as not to disturb its fragility. But it was the Great Heart of Timpanogos Cave that captured my attention.​

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