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November 2017 Issue

Sharable Thanksgiving

Ways to Share What Really Matters

by Marlaina Donato

Thanksgiving inspires a season of appreciation for what sustains and gives meaning to life.

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Live Diabetes Free​​

Prevent and Reverse It Naturally

by Linda Sechrist

More health practitioners today are recognizing both the mind-body connection and energetic and metaphysical insights into preventing and reversing illnesses. As a result, those facing diabetes and other health challenges are accessing contemporary resources such as Louise L. Hay's explanation of the emotional roots of disease in You Can Heal Your Life, and the medical science and natural methods explained by health researcher and author Gary Null, Ph.D., in No More Diabetes: A Complete Guide to Preventing, Treating, and Overcoming Diabetes.

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Pumped Up About Geothermal

Homeowners Like its Eco-Friendly Cost Savings

by Jim Motavalli

It's uncertain times for home-based geothermal heating and cooling, which has been trending upward for years. The good news is that the cost of the technology is down and its efficiency is up. Yet a helpful 30 percent federal income tax credit inaugurated in 2009 disappeared in 2017 and may not get renewed anytime soon, even though H.R. 1090, a bill aimed at restoring the credit, has strong support in Congress, led by New York Republican Congressman Tom Reed.

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DIY First-Aid for Dogs​​

Eight Natural Home Remedies

by Karen Becker

Many pet parents check their cabinets first to treat minor health issues with their canine companion. Three helpful basics are canned, 100 percent pumpkin, povidone iodine antiseptic and 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, plus apple cider vinegar, ginger and coconut oil.

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