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July 2017 Issue

Fun Ways to Get Outside This Summer

Be a Kid Again With Your Own Family

by Sandra Murphy

Summer is calling and so is the great outdoors. Here are super vacation sites, inviting activities and ideas to make this summer fun, with your family.  

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Natural Ways to Cleanse Body and Mind​​

Take Toxins Out of ​​Your Life

by Meredi​th Montgomery

The term "detox" has been gaining traction in health circles, but cleansing practices have existed for millennia, ranging from the ancient Egyptians to Medieval Lenten practices and Native American fasting, smudging and sweat lodges. The truth is that we need cleansing now more than ever — to rid our bodies of chemical overload and our minds of negative thinking. ​

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Maria Rodale Helps Organic Farmers Succeed

by Randy Kambic

Author, gardener and corporate executive Maria Rodale continues to add luster to an unparalleled family commitment to organic food, sustainability and healthy living covering three-quarters of a century. As CEO and chairman of Rodale Inc., she oversees the publishing of books (An Inconvenient Truth, The South Beach Diet, Eat This, Not That!), magazines (Women's Health, Men's Health, Prevention and Organic Gardening) and naturally healthy living websites.

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Enlightening Ideas About Money​​

Think Independence, Intimacy, Integrity

by April Thompson

Money influences our choice of job or home, and sense of security, worth and power; it can also make life more or less convenient. Yet, despite its essential importance, money is often a forbidden topic among family members.

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