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Does Reflexology Really Work?

May 28, 2021 ● By Laura Norman
Laura Norman Reflexology

Over the last five decades, I have pursued my mission of making the science of reflexology understood, appreciated and available around the world. I wrote the bestselling book on how to use reflexology for a wide variety of people and conditions. I have worked with thousands of clients and trained thousands of reflexologists in my holistic method of foot, hand, ear and face reflexology which focuses on profound relaxation to facilitate healing—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Why focus on “profound relaxation?” Stress is the major cause of illness, as the American Heart Association explains in “How Does Stress Affect You?”:

• Forty-three percent of adults suffer adverse health effects from stress. 

• Seventy-five to 90 percent of all doctors’ office visits are for stress-related ailments. 

• Stress very often plays a part in headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression and anxiety. 

• OSHA has declared stress a hazard of the workplace. Stress costs American industry more than $500 billion annually.

By releasing stress, our bodies and our minds can begin the healing process. I have received hundreds of testimonials from clients and graduates of my certification programs, serving witness to the power of reflexology to promote better health and well-being. Just one powerful example:

“My sister was in a near fatal accident and was placed in intensive care, in a coma and on a respirator. The doctors did not know if she would survive or come out of the coma. They told me that if she did, she would probably have to stay on the respirator. I happened to have bought your book, and I worked faithfully on my sister’s feet every day, if only for a few minutes. My sister did come out of the coma—and I’m writing now because they took her off the respirator today.”

While I could quote many more testimonials, there is substantial scientific evidence supporting reflexology’s effectiveness. Here are just some of the conditions where studies continue to demonstrate reflexology’s effectiveness and therapeutic benefits:

• Acid Reflux • Allergies • Asthma • Back Strain • Bell’s Palsy • Constipation • Dementia • Diabetes • Digestive Issues • Fatigue • Headaches • Hormonal Imbalances • Infertility • Insomnia • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Kidney Stones • Menopause • Multiple Sclerosis • Pain Relief • Panic Attacks • PMS • Poor Circulation • Pregnancy/Birth • Prostate Conditions • Sciatica • Sexual Dysfunction • Stroke Recovery • Vertigo

As the evidence continues to grow, reflexology is gaining more and more recognition throughout the medical community. Well-respected doctors and surgeons report how valuable it is for treating their patients in conjunction with traditional medicine.

So, does reflexology really work? Based on the hundreds of testimonials I have received, combined with the many studies demonstrating the effectiveness of reflexology across a broad range of conditions, plus the growing support within the medical community, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” 

Laura Norman, M.S., LMT, world-renowned holistic reflexologist and author of the bestselling book, Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology, offers private Reflexology and Inspired Life Coaching sessions in Delray Beach. Learn more about how reflexology can transform your life and your career at and/or call 561-272-1220.