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Natural Awakenings, Palm Beach County, Florida

Advertising Options

Our due dates: the 10th of the month for Display print advertising, Natural Awakenings Directory ad, Calendar section, and Classified advertising.

Natural Awakenings Directory online submission form
Calendar advertising (overview of three types of listings)
  • Date Specific Event   (events that cost $35 and under)
  • Mark Your Calendar (highlight your special event, or  for events costing more than $35 to participate)
  • Ongoing Calendar (all events billed quarterly)
Classified Advertising sold by the word (minimum $90/quarter year - 3 months).  Use our online order form

Multi-Market Rates for Southeast Florida. Scroll down to bottom of page for PDFs to download.
  • Palm Beach Advertising Agreement and Ad Sizes
  • Broward + Palm Beach Agreement and Ad Sizes
  • Broward Advertising Agreement and Ad Sizes
  • Palm Beach Complete Media Kit

EDITORIAL DUE DATE: 5th of the month prior to publication: Local Briefs, Health Briefs, Book in-views, and Articles. Kindly review our corporate guidelines in submitting an editorial. Download: PDF format (see below).

  • Submit News Brief, Health Brief or Book In-View 
  • Submit Your Article
Download your complete Media Kit, Palm Beach County or our 2021 editorial calendar (see below).


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