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Natural Awakenings, Palm Beach County, Florida

Why Consider Feng Shui Training?

“Because of all the benefits it offers to you and your loved ones,” shares Steve Kodad. Over the years, Kodad has run into many people who say the same things over and over about their life. “You may be surprised how many have regrets, frustration, boredom, and even anger. I acknowledge having some of those complaints at one time or another myself. No longer. I found something much better 17 years ago!”

Certainly, all of us do not have to become an expert in Feng Shui to make our life one of non-desperation; it is just one of the many pathways available and being offered that can make life more meaningful and more enjoyable.

Kodad and his partner, Lisa Alban, have created the Intrinsic School of Feng Shui that trains successful Feng Shui professional consultants. Unique from other schools of this nature, they provide you with the skills to make this a career (if you wish). “I love my lifestyle. I love my hours and I love being so helpful to so many people,” Kodad explains. “You, too, can be your own boss and enjoy this creative way of living.”

Online certification course with live webinars takes eight weeks. To see if this is for you, request the PDF at