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Natural Awakenings, Palm Beach County, Florida

How Animal Communication Can Help with Pet Issues

Ever notice your pets acting differently or exhibiting unusual behaviors? Animals always have a reason and are trying to show or tell us something. They may be showing behaviors about THEIR personal issues while other animals may be mirroring YOUR specific issues, just like our spouse or children mirror us.

Animals are great actors to get one to look at one’s self. Animal Communication can be so valuable by bridging the communication gap between animals and their humans. Talking to animals is not a psychic guess but done via “telepathy” and communicating directly with the animal, at a distance.

Loli Jane calls herself an “interspecies therapist” and determines the root cause, helping modify behaviors through talk therapy and a little negotiating. Animal Communication can help pet caretakers, vets, zoos, and sanctuaries with all animal related issues—behavioral, emotional, physical, training, trauma; relationships; end of life; passed-on, lost pets; mirroring; and past lives. She also provides highly effective distance energy healing, classes, events, and mentoring. Allow Loli Jane to help you and your animal too!

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