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Donatelli Wellness Center in Lantana, Top Rated Center for Pain

For anyone in chronic pain and wanting to get it fixed stat, the place to go in South Florida is the Donatelli Wellness Center, in Lantana. The center is best known for helping active, high-performance individuals heal their pain, including back, neck, shoulder, knee, scoliosis, car accident repercussions, sports injuries, and emotional trauma.

James Donatelli, owner and chronic pain specialist, offers expertise in posture alignment and movement coaching, affording clients the ability to play sports at an ever higher level whilst reducing repetitive stress injuries to knees and/or shoulders. Helping athletes from ages 15 to 65, from amateurs to pros—including moms, dads and teens—the sports covered include tennis, golf, baseball, swimming, volleyball, polo, dressage, jumping, running, cycling, dancing, bodybuilding, and more.

Donatelli’s success rate at over 90 percent is positively indicative to continue the work of becoming pain-free without surgery. For a free 15-minute phone consultation, go to and fill out the questionnaire.

Location: 610 N. Dixie Hwy., Lantana. For more information and appointments, call 561-221-7123, email [email protected], and/or visit