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Natural Awakenings, Palm Beach County, Florida

Experience the Benefits of the Energy Enhancement System at Love and Healing Energy

If you’ve ever wondered what an Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) can do for wellbeing, wonder no more. This cutting-edge technology, developed over two decades ago by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, harnesses the power of nature’s vibrational waves to recharge every cell in the human body.

The EESystem generates frequencies like scalar waves (as used by Nikola Tesla), biophotonic waves (DNA repair), and Fibonacci waves (nature’s numerical sequence), fostering cell regeneration, enhanced immune function, improved circulation, detoxification, increased energy, and pain relief, among other benefits.

What may seem like miraculous results are, in fact, the body’s innate ability to recharge and repair itself when provided with the optimal environment. This groundbreaking technology, recognized and verified at numerous medical and scientific conferences worldwide, integrates mind, body, and spirit to help users achieve peak health and performance.

At Love and Healing Energy, founder Michelle Kaplan opens the door to explore the transformative potential of holistic practices working in synergy. Certified in reflexology, coaching, and nutrition, Kaplan is well-equipped as well as dedicated to empowering individuals on their health journey in today’s world.

Location: 2196 W Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach. For more information and appointments, call 561-270-1850 or email