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Natural Awakenings, Palm Beach County, Florida

PEMF: Restoring Cellular Energy for Optimal Health and Wellness at Soothe Your Soul, Jupiter

Soothe Your Soul in Juno Beach is fast becoming a hub for those seeking a natural way to achieve optimal health and wellness. The combination of free sophisticated Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) sessions, cutting edge supplements, and expert guidance is producing stellar results.  

The free PEMF sessions at Soothe Your Soul are like a battery charger for the body, restoring vital voltage on a cellular level, activating the body’s own ability to heal and regenerate.

PEMF (a technology developed by NASA for space travel) reproduces the Earth’s Vital Magnetic Pulse, a nutrient as essential to life as food, water and oxygen. However the Earth’s Magnetic Energy has decreased by approximately 50 percent over the past 300 years based on data from volcanic samples.   Our bodies have the ability to heal almost anything if provided with the proper nutrients (including PEMF), as well as avoiding or detoxifying any detrimental substances, positive lifestyle choices, and the ability to minimize stress and trauma (which usurp vital energy for healing).

 Customers utilizing PEMF have experienced the following results:

  •  Blood pressure normalizing
  •  Neuropathy gone or reduced
  •  Knee and/or Hip Pain gone
  •  Depression relieved
  •  Overall feeling of wellbeing
  •  More Energy
  •  Better Sleep
  •  Stress and Anxiety radically reduced or gone
  •  Increased circulation
  •  Inflammation reduced or gone
  •  Improved digestion and elimination
  •  Bone healing
  •  Myriad of other benefits

Soothe Your Soul utilizes the IMRS Prime PEMF device, which was chosen based on extensive research regarding its superior effectiveness due to its quality construction and  many unique features. There are numerous PEMF devices on the market, none of which rival the synergistic integration and effectiveness of the IMRS Prime.

 IMRS Prime Wellness Device:

  • Uses the Triple sawtooth wave, highly effective at supplying energy to every cell of the body, whereas most PEMF devices use the sine wave
  • Integrates HeartMath technology in order to bring the body into a deep state of regeneration and healing (parasympathetic state)
  • Real time biofeedback based on communication with the body through a sensor which then adjusts the frequencies in real time to be the most beneficial for the person
  • Has protocols for 284 Conditions
  • Split Mode enabling the user to run 2 programs at once
  • Far Infrared magnetically pulsed into the cells, reducing inflammation and increasing micro circulation
  • Filtered for dirty electricity, all wired, no exposure to EMFs during session
  • Multiple accessories for localized healing
  • Brain entrainment accessory works to put the brain into coherence and calm high stress brain waves

 Free IMRS Prime wellness sessions are by appointment and Soothe Your Soul is a certified sales rep for the IMRS Prime PEMF Wellness Device, for those who wish to purchase this amazing device to use in the comfort of their own home. Soothe Your Soul also has a loving, positive vibe where you can enjoy shopping for crystals, essential oils, and healing remedies.

Location:  Soothe Your Soul, 827 Donald Ross Rd, Juno Beach, Store hours 11am-7pm, everyday. 561-650-2226.