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Natural Awakenings, Palm Beach County, Florida

Unveiling Spiritual Healing: The Holistic Approach of Michelle Cohen

Michelle Cohen, a distinguished transpersonal psychologist and spiritual healer, unveils a holistic approach to healing and growth. Specializing in raising consciousness, soul retrieval, sacred journeys, and ceremonies, Cohen pioneers transformative practices that address the spiritual aspect of one’s being.

Founding the Foundation for Divine Love, Cohen extends her healing to the community through techniques such as laying on of hands and tapping into Christ and Divine Mother energies. With a deep devotion to Ammachi Amritanandamayi, Cohen harnesses the power of Divine Mother Energy to catalyze remarkable changes in people’s lives.

As a transpersonal psychologist, Cohen guides individuals beyond the ego, facilitating their spiritual journey as a spiritual guide and healer. Her affiliation with the Boca Counseling Center offers both in-person and remote consultations, ensuring accessibility to her transformative services.

With expertise in emerging consciousness, soul retrieval, and wellness ceremonies, Cohen deftly guides the individual in their sacred journey, manifesting joy, wellness, and bliss along the way.

For those seeking spiritual awakening and holistic healing, Cohen can be reached at 505-501-0501 and/or email [email protected].