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Natural Awakenings, Palm Beach County, Florida

Enhancing Cognitive Function through Yoga Therapy: A Program for Seniors

Yoga Therapy for Neuroplasticity sessions for seniors, merging mindfulness, physical, and occupational therapy to enhance cognitive function. Supported by a community grant from the Coral Gables Community Foundation 🙏🏼

This class series is specifically designed as yoga for the brain or Neuroplasticity. It provides concrete techniques for maintaining and improving sensory awareness and perception that tends to diminish as we age. Collectively, studies demonstrate a positive effect of yoga practice on the structure and/or function of the hippocampus, amygdala, prefrontal cortex, cingulate cortex and brain networks including the default mode network (DMN). Studies with seniors offer promising early evidence that behavioral interventions like yoga may hold promise to mitigate age-related and neurodegenerative declines as many of the regions identified are known to demonstrate significant age-related atrophy. Moreover, research reveals that yoga therapy addresses a common symptom specific to aging populations: the risk and fear of falling. In one representative study, two-thirds of participants ages 69 to 90 improved on balance tests after a 12-week yoga program. In addition, studies show that yoga therapy for seniors has the following benefits:  Enhances muscular strength and body flexibility  Promotes respiratory and cardiovascular function  Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain  Improves sleep patterns  Enhances overall well-being and quality of life  Increases overall brainwave activity  Increases gray matter and volume in the amygdala and frontal cortex. This class series offers an all-natural approach to healthier aging.

Date & Time

Weekly on Thursday

Oct 05, 2023 through Dec 21, 2023

4:30PM - 5:30PM

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